the cyanotype workshop

For the victories over the suns, which was realised with a.pass RC, for three weeks of June and July 2019, in Zsenne ArtLab in Brussels, we worked and presented our research and arts in the space of the gallery.
What I wanted to explore, is how to engage with the time in this gallery that is a working space, a semi-public presentation, an open project, a traject? What are the formats of publicness of artistic research that push the border between research, mediation and production?

In February that year, when we started to prepare this program, I visited Stefano Faoro’s exhibition Soft Knees.

My desires (or wills) are always in being produced, instead of producing. But some sort of production is expected.
– Stefano Faoro, from the A4 press release of his solo exhibition Soft Knees, at WIELS project room 21.02 – 10.03.2019.
The standard format of A4 exhibition guide was included as one of the works in the exhibition, while still having the function/information of the exhibition guide.

Inspired by this gesture and his text, I decided to propose two on-going practices, one was a card-reading and second one was a cyanotype workshop – a workshop that depends on other events that were happening in the gallery, it is as such can be defined as a parasite workshop.
Followed by free writing practice, the printing workshop was at the same time, an ongoing research and a documentation process, focusing on the temporal aspect of this kind of exhibiting.

A cyanotype printing process is forming in time in relation to UV rays from sunlight to think together about traces and blueprints of and for the event, their sharp shadows and (non)transparency.