Anxiety and Hope in space-time continuum

/// sound of silence
/// sound of silence
/// sound of silence
/// sound of silence
//// sound of silence

I’m sitting in front of my computer for days now. my screen is a void
it mirrors my inner state.
my computer and I
in a vacuum.

nothing happens…

feels like we are in a staring game contest. I’m afraid I’m loosing

I’m persuading myself that the void can be a productive place filled with potential.

my void is still pretty beige

reading about metamorphic void:
“urban void as a revitalisation source in enhancing developing countries’ city income”
Void as a capital investment?

Memories of the suburban working-class neighbourhood where I grew up

Kanarevo Brdo Opština Rakovica Beograd
– a master void.

a void opened by the Post-Yu industrial crash of the 90’.

I mind-follow the river Topčiderka that springs not so far away from the huge motor factory complex (IMR) that got bankrupt and is left corroding for the last 30 years.
I haven’t seen Topčiderka in years.

I google it
It is still the most polluted river in Serbia. Poor Topčiderka…

From Topčiderka, I flow into the Rhein river
I whisper to her:

*Topčiderka is “it” and Rhein is “she”. Poor Topčiderka…

“I thought you were just too organised for us to seep into each other.
found no space for my chaos.
Now I discover an entry point through your wound.
I explore it
touch it
sniff it
I examine your cavities
the residue of trauma coming to the surface
it smells like iron

in obstinate stagnancy, you are performing being stable,

yet you’re as wobbly as I am.
we shake together
cheek to cheek
doing the jelly dance of the blob”

I’m getting another signal now.
zooming out, the river becomes “it” again

Some people say:
“You can’t pee in the same river twice”.
“oh no no…”
“It is not possible to repeat past experiences, as time, as the river, flows, runs, sips, and heals.”

BUT, if you learn to time travel, you can experience the same event over and over
you and the river: in an endless loop
you and the river: you mix without diluting each other.
in a spirographic embrace

you flow into each other

you soak in each other juices
you and the river

over and over again.

it is a kind of a jet-propulsion Perpetuum mobile

that’s dangerous.

the river is flowing into the sea.
the water expands
it is vast.
Atlantis is coming, SOS for LOVE.
a new track

In the 0th dimension, he is a dot.
In the 1st dimension, he is a line.
In the 2nd dimension, he is a shape
(a triangle)

In the 3rd dimension he creates a primeval story of an ideal state-island called Atlantis. (He becomes a tool).

Atlantis the shape-shifting continent
Atlantis the time-dweller
It becomes a safe haven to people who went through and archetypal experience of
loss, who were washed ashore on the coast of unknown and remained foreign and
I also find a sense of comfort there. it frees me from being sedentary.

“(…)After the flood, Atlantis sent out ships to all corners of the Earth. On board were the Twelve: the poet, the farmer, the scientist, the magician, the physician, and the 7 so-called Gods.” Donovan, Atlantis, 4:58min, B-side from the album “To Susan on the West Coast Waiting” (1968)

I’m intrigued.

I decide to do something about it
I self-hypnotise myself in order to find them.

I travel every day

Time traveling is not linear

In the 4th dimension, time enters/leaves the equation.
In the 5th and 6th dimensions, the notion of possible worlds arises.
In the 7th, we gain access to the possible worlds that start with different initial conditions.

This is where I find Plato 3000

Plato 3000 is woking on a new, revised version of Critias.
They’ve also heard Donovans song so they’ve decided to, once and for all, finish the dialogue.
Ever since the Atlantis sank, the Twelve are roaming and jumping through multiple time-lines.
some of them are trying to go back into now

I was asked to show you a draft:

she starts appearing now
first her shoes,
they are a pair of brown suede boots.
her body is strong
she looks angry

Scene I: Interrogation